The Business Nursery

An incubator one of a kind

We are a certified incubator fully dedicated to very early stage innovative startups in Life Sciences, who helps exceptional people to exploit the results of their scientific research, working alongside all the subjects of the innovation chain to create sustainable, pragmatic, and long-lasting business paths with an international scope.

Our peculiarity is the ability to think out of the box. We aim to create a broad international innovation ecosystem in Life Sciences, with Bio4Dreams standing as a reference point and beacon for entrepreneurial ideas.

We go well beyond the traditional definition of startups’ incubator: we follow the entire development path of a single project, starting from its very early stages. Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to an ordinary interaction with the main innovation players, but we work to integrate them into a wider ecosystem.

This is what outlines the two souls of our approach: bottom-up innovation e top-down innovation.

Da inizio 2018, ricercatori e scienziati possono sviluppare e valorizzare la propria idea imprenditoriale in un contesto scientifico e gestionale di altissimo livello, dove dialogano la ricerca, l’industria e il mercato.
La nostra Business Nursery™ offre agli startupper programmi di supporto personalizzati e competenze distintive nelle Scienze della Vita oltre a un team coeso, multidisciplinare e orientato al risultato, dedicato a dare solidità ai primi passi delle nascenti startup.


Bottom-up innovation

We work on business projects and startups since their very initial phases, getting our hands dirty on topics like the definition of their founding elements. This is how we exploit the startups and their assets, bringing them value, stability, and a clear path toward the market. This concept translates operatively into tailor-made incubation programs shaped on each startups’ needs, which can also include direct investments shareholdings. This is how we want to contribute to the revolution in the world of Life Sciences.

Top-down innovation

We work close hands with local innovation ecosystems, contributing to enhance their excellences by integrating them into a wider national and international network. The pillars of this network are the numerous and diverse relationships, synergies, and partnerships with local players and institutions, whereby we develop and promote innovation hubs active on the territory but with an international scope. In this way we offer not just a favourable environment for startups’ growth, but we also make innovation a vehicle for enriching the territory, from an entrepreneurial, productive, cultural, and employment point of view.


Our crowdfunding campaign presentation.
The video made by Siemens on the Mendix case-use for managing our SharedLabsTM.
Describing Bio4Dreams in one word is tough, therefore we asked the "dreamer".

Our history


Bio4Dreams S.p.A. is born in 2017 as a spin-out of Sanipedia, a company spearheading a network of innovative SMEs in Life Sciences, and is backed by more than 10 years of entrepreneurships and successes in supporting very early stages projects and ideas in Life Sciences.



From 2000 to 2007, Sanipedia’s team supported researchers in national and international research centers, to help them manage their projects, with a specific focus on the exploitation of research results.

First Investments


Starting in 2008, Sanipedia jumpstarted several new innovative ventures in the Life Sciences industry.

Business Nursery Creation


In 2015 Sanipedia created, within its own structure, a Business Nursery Unit – «Garden of Ideas» for the Life Sciences, dedicated to supporting and developing entrepreneurial projects at a very early stage.

Bio4Dreams Launch


In the third quarter of 2017 Bio4Dreams has been registered as incubator for innovative startups in the Life Sciences, with the vision of creating a fertile environment, where the ideas and dreams of young scientists can settle down and grow.

Bio4Dreams became Ltd.


Bio4Dreams diventa Società per azioni (S.p.A.) e 3 startup entrano nella fase di incubazione Bio4Dreams became a Ltd company and 3 new startups entered his incubation programs.

The Growth


After 18 months of activities, Bio4Dreams opened 6 operative locations (Milan, Villa Guardia, Trento, Naples, Genoa and Trieste) evaluated more than 250 innovative projects and launched 9 innovative startups in Life Sciences.

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The figures of our Business Nursery, from 2018 to date.

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The figures of our Grant Office, from 2005 to date.

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