The Business Nursery

We are a privately funded certified incubator for innovative startups

in very early stage phase, dedicated to Life Sciences.

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Since early 2018, researchers and scientists have a chance to exploit and develop their innovative ideas in a top level scientific and managerial environment, where research, industry and market are closely intertwined.

Our Business Nursery™ offers to startuppers tailor-made support programs together with expertise specific to Life Sciences and a multidisciplinary result-driven team, focused on providing structure and stability to the first steps of newly born startups.

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Furthermore, our international vocation enables our startups to compete on a global scale from the very beginning.
Our key strengths are the fully customized and flexible incubation programs coupled with our talent for blending into the innovation value chain by establishing complementary interactions with innovation hubs and technology transfer offices on one hand, funds, companies and other incubators and accelerators on the other.

Our vision


Rethink Life Sciences innovation.

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Our history


Bio4Dreams S.p.A. is born in 2017 as a spin-out of Sanipedia, a company spearheading a network of innovative SMEs in Life Sciences, and is backed by more than 10 years of entrepreneurships and successes in supporting very early stages projects and ideas in Life Sciences.



From 2000 to 2007, Sanipedia’s team supported researchers in national and international research centers, to help them manage their projects, with a specific focus on the exploitation of research results.

First Investments


Starting in 2008, Sanipedia jumpstarted several new innovative ventures in the Life Sciences industry.

Business Nursery Creation


In 2015 Sanipedia created, within its own structure, a Business Nursery Unit – «Garden of Ideas» for the Life Sciences, dedicated to supporting and developing entrepreneurial projects at a very early stage.

Bio4Dreams Launch


In the third quarter of 2017 Bio4Dreams has been registered as incubator for innovative startups in the Life Sciences, with the vision of creating a fertile environment, where the ideas and dreams of young scientists can settle down and grow.

Bio4Dreams became Ltd.


Bio4Dreams diventa Società per azioni (S.p.A.) e 3 startup entrano nella fase di incubazione Bio4Dreams became a Ltd company and 3 new startups entered his incubation programs.

The Growth


After 18 months of activities, Bio4Dreams opened 6 operative locations (Milan, Villa Guardia, Trento, Naples, Genoa and Trieste) evaluated more than 250 innovative projects and launched 9 innovative startups in Life Sciences.

our results


The figures of our Business Nursery.

evaluated projects
incubated startups
affiliated startup
[April 2021]

The figures of our Grant Office, from 2005 to date.

submitted proposals
funded projects
0.9 M€
total granted funds
0.85 M€
for Bio4Dreams' network
European Funds

our results


Our team


A strong team of innovation driven experienced entrepreneurs, young managers and leading scientists.

Co-Founder & President

Laura Iris Ferro

  • Degree in Medicine & Psychiatry
  • MBA @ Bocconi University, Milan
  • Top 10 innovative women managers in Italy
  • Founder/CEO several biotechs (including Gentium, IPO at Nasdaq)
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Pietro Conti

  • Degree in Medicine & Master in Health Management
  • >14 years as Director Health International Projects with local MoH & UN agencies
  • >18 years as Founder/CEO of >10 Startups in Health/Biotech
  • Board Member
  • Co-founder of Bio4Dreams
Co-Founder, VP Strategy & External Relations

Elisabetta Borello

  • Degree in Economics @ Bocconi University, Milan
  • >30 years in Healthcare advisory with focus on reengineering and complex clinical area design
  • Founder/Board Member of many biotechs
  • Co-founder of Bio4Dreams
Board Member

Carlo Frati

  • Degree in Economics @ Bocconi University, Milan
  • McKinsey & Co. (2000-2016): Partner
  • Capital Shuttle S.p.A. (2016): CEO
  • Banca Consulia (2017-present): CFO
Chief Scientific Officer

Fabio Bianco

  • Degree in Medical Biotech, Pharmacology
  • President/CSO – Neuro-Zone Srl
  • CEO – BrainDTech SpA
  • >10yr in Biotech/Pharma
Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Daniele Cusi

  • Degree in Medicine, Professor of Nephrology
  • Visiting Professor – several International schools
  • Chairman of several initiatives in Genomics and Proteomics: academic, startups & no-profit
  • >200 peer-reviewed papers, H-Index 57
  • Co-founder of Bio4Dreams
Digital Health Advisor

Leopoldo Frati

  • Degree in Electronic Engineer @ Politecnico of Turin
  • Former IBM South&West Europe Healthcare and Lifescience Industry Leader
  • Senior Advisor in several biotech companies
  • CIO at Nuncas S.p.A.
Corporate Relations Advisor

Fabrizio Renzi

  • Master degree in Electronic Engineering @ Politecnico di Milano
  • International Executive Program degree @ INSEAD in Paris & Singapore
  • 30 years as Director of Technology & Innovation in IBM
  • RnbGate, Rnb4Culture and Rnb4Africa startups president and CEO
President of the Strategic Committee

Claudio Rumazza

  • Degree in Economics @ Università di Torino
  • Innogest Capital: Partner, Responsible for the Life Science practice
  • Prima Industrie Group: CFO Finn-Power, Group Head Financial Planning
  • Deloitte Financial Advisory
  • A&G Management Consultants
Business Development Advisor

Maurizio Loiacono

  • BA (Hons) in Business Administration @ Brunel University – London
  • >17  in Health Care – Medical Devices market
  • Sales Management, Business Management, Market Access
  • Former Market Access Director Johnson&Johnson Medical
  • General Manager BrainDTech, Business Development Advisor Bio4Dreams
Head of General Affairs

Marco Gili

  • Degree in Law @ University of Turin
  • Executive Master in Business Management @ Politecnico di Milano
  • >11 years of experience in legal and financial aspects concerning SMEs and startups
  • Chief Executive Officer of Gip84 S.r.l.
  • Responsible for legal activities and general affairs of Bio4Dreams and startups
CTO & Head of Marketing

Andrea Albertini

  • Degree in Medical Biotechnology with specialization in Business Development for Life Sciences @ University of Milan
  • >8 years in marketing and business development for startup and biotech companies
  • Responsible for ICT strategy and operations of Bio4Dreams
  • Responsible for Corporate and Digital Marketing activities of Bio4Dreams
Head of Grant Office

Costanza Conti

  • Degree in Veterinary Medicine @ University of Milan
  • MS in Statistics and Epidemiology @ London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • PhD in Molecular and Translational Medicine @ University of Milano
  • Project Manager of several European Research projects/networks
  • Responsible for Grant Office activities of Bio4Dreams and startup
Business Administration Responsible

Laura Fagnani

  • Degree in Languages with specialization in Economics
  • >7 years in administration for startups and biotech companies
  • Administrative activities and accounting coordination for Bio4Dreams and its network of companies
Grant Office & Clinical Trials Responsible

Federica Rizzi

  • Degree in Veterinary Medicine, PhD in Molecular Medicine
  • Experience in developing and managing European research projects, in data management and in statistical genetics
  • Researcher and Grants Development Specialist at Sanipedia
Head of Accounting

Beatrice Notarnicola

  • Accounting school diploma
  • >35 years in administration, accounting, and billing activities
  • Responsible for accounting activities of Bio4Dreams and its network of companies
Operations Manager & External Relations - Genova

Cristina Biasizzo

  • Degree in Modern Literature, specialising in socio-psychology @ University of Genoa
  • Advisor at leading communication companies, with specialization in the development of advertising campaigns and image and organization of road shows for the entry into the Stock Exchange of private companies
  • Responsible for the institutional communication of the Department of Education and Work of the Liguria Region
  • Responsible of the institutional communication of the Liguria Region
  • Former member of CO.RE.COM
Operations Manager - Trieste

Barbara Codan

  • Master degree in Materials Engineering, PhD in Nanotechnology @ University of Trieste
  • Executive MBA @ MIB School of Management
  • Startup founder
  • Responsible for Bio4Dreams Trieste office
Operations Manager - Venezia

Chiara Bortolini

  • Degree in Modern Literature, Master in Digital & Design Strategy Innovation
  • Experience among Research Institutes and Foundations
  • Bio4Dreams Venice office manager
Business Development Officer & Innovation Circle Project Manager

Roberto Schiavo

  • Degree in Management @ Università Bocconi
  • International MBA program @ Tsinghua University
  • >4 years of experience in Venture Capital in China and in Italy
  • Bio4Dreams East Gate Project Manager
Executive Assistant

Eleonora Giannese

  • Vast experience in administrative activities supporting companies and startup
  • Responsible for administrative activities of Sanipedia’s network, Bio4Dreams and incubated startup
  • Responsible for support activities to Management
Digital Health Applications Specialist

Pierluigi D’Antrassi

  • Degree in Computer Engineering and Clinical Engineering, PhD in Biomedical Engineering @University of Trieste
  • >7 years in clinical data, clinical engineering and health applications in Clinical Research Units of University of Trieste and Milan
  • Experienced in digital applications for Healthcare & Life Sciences industry
Digital Marketing Manager

Tommaso Saita

  • Master’s degree in medical biotechnology with specialization in communication and marketing @ University of Milan
  • More than 10 years in digital marketing (web e social media)
  • More than 7 years in scientific communication
Head of Business Nursery

Demetra Pelos

  • Degree in Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine @ Politecnico of Milan
  • >3 years experience in the development of microfluidics devices and platforms for research and diagnostic purposes
  • Responsible for technical/scientific evaluation of biomedical innovative startups and projects
Administrative Assistant

Andrea Zamboni

  • Accounting school diploma
  • 1 year in the administrative management of startups and companies
  • Administration/accounting/billing activities for Bio4Dreams and its network of companies
Grant Office Specialist

Alessandro Gaviraghi

  • Degree in Veterinary Biotechnology @ University of Milan
  • MSc in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering @ University of Milan
  • PhD in Biotechnology applied to Veterinary and Zootechnical Science @ University of Milano
  • > 15 years researcher in Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism
  • Experience in writing and managing national and international research projects

Marco Dal Ferro

  • Degree in Functional Genomics and PhD in Molecular Biomedicine @ University of Trieste
  • >4 years experience in Applied Biology in the field of Recombinant Antibodies @ University of Trieste and Queen Mary University of London
  • Responsible for technical/scientific evaluation of biomedical innovative startups and projects
General Affairs

Giovanni Gallian

  • Degree in Law, Major in International Law @ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan.
  • Master in corporate law focused on limited liability companies @ Just Legal Services-Scuola di Formazione Legale, Milan.
  • Short master in International Contracts @ ALTALEX – Formazione, Bologna.
  • >2 years in competition law, corporate law, civil law and litigation within top tier law firms based in Milan and Bologna
  • Support activity for legal aspects and general affairs of Bio4Dreams and startups.

Monia Presotto

  • Long-standing experience in the Administrative and Accounting Department
  • Management of logistic and administrative aspects for companies in different industries
  • General accounting activities for Bio4Dreams and its network of companies
Digital Marketing Specialist

Alberto Cantarelli

  • Master degree in Public and Enterprise Communication @ University of Milan
  • Specialization in Copywriting @ Accademia di Comunicazione di Milano
  • Experience in design, development and management of advertising campaigns within H48 digital agency
IT & Marketing Assistant

Lucrezia Barone

  • BSc in International Economics and Management @ Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  • In-depth study of corporate communication activities in international business environments
  • Support for marketing, communication and ICT activities for Bio4Dreams and its network
Grant Office Specialist

Alice Casalino

  • Degree in Biotechnology @ Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
  • Specialization in Medical Biotechnology @ Università degli Studi di Torino
  • Experience in Reasearch Laboratories in the field of Neuroscience and Liver Pathophysiology
Administration area – Villa Guardia

Laura Simonetti

  • Long-standing experience in Back Office and Front Office activities, coordinating internal and external operational staff
  • Administrative and logistic support for commercial and production companies
  • Administrative and Logistic Coordinator for Bio4Dreams Villa Guardia office
Operations & Marketing Assistant

Nicole Stefanucci

  • Degree in Biological Sciences and Technologies @ University of Trieste
  • Master degree in Science Communication “Franco Prattico” @ SISSA of Trieste
  • Support for communication and operation activities of Bio4Dreams and the Trieste Urban Center
Administration area – Villa Guardia

Francesca Costarella

  • Long-standing experience in administrative and organizational activities in top-tier accommodation facilities and for non-profit associations
  • Former provincial manager of the national association CAF and charitable institution for the management of fiscal and social security procedures
  • Management of events, conferences, and meetings for cultural association centers
  • Front Office and administration activities for Bio4Dreams Villa Guardia office
Scientific Advisor

Marco Matucci Cerinic

  • Degree in Medicine, Professor of Rheumatology
  • Director Division of Rheumatology @ Univ of Florence
  • ISN Medical Advisory Board
  • Founder of The European Scleroderma Trials and Research group (EUSTAR)
  • Founder of the World Scleroderma Foundation
  • Editor in chief, J Scleroderma and related disorders
  • Member of Bio4Dreams scientific committee
Site Image & Architecture

Luca Soave

  • Degree in Architecture @ Politecnico of Turin
  • Assistant Professor of “Restoration” and “Architectural Restoration” @ Politecnico of Turin
  • >24 years in corporate architecture and brand design
  • Bio4Dreams locations design and corporate image coordinator