The “beehive” of innovation in Venice-Mestre

HIVE-M9 was born thanks to the synergies between Bio4Dreams and Fondazione di Venezia and it aims to create an active innovation hub full of scientific and managerial skills. A place capable of sparking entrepreneurship in young researchers and molding their ideas into successful projects able to attract capital and create real economic impact at local level.

The final aim is to foster local entrepreneurship and employment by leveraging a broader approach capable of impacting both at national and international level. This is made possible thanks to the numerous active collaborations of Bio4Dreams and its partners with universities, research institutes, and businesses.

Fondazione Venezia

The project and the spaces

From an operational point of view the project will be developed within the Chiostro of the Polo M9 District, covering an area of 1,000 m2 organized into functional spaces: offices for startups and coworking activities, meeting rooms, open spaces for digital and physical events, and laboratories for virtual reality.

Functional contamination will be the fil rouge in the management and implementation of these functional areas.

total area
total investment

Within this highly organized structure Bio4Dreams will focus on startups, with a particular interest in the local ecosystem. Bio4Dreams will provide them with structured and tailor-made programs, ranging from the selection of initiatives to their acceleration, up to real incubation paths. These strategic actions will be carried out with pragmatism with the aim of fostering the development of highly innovative entrepreneurial projects, managed by young talents and capable of creating value in the territory.

Similarly to a beehive, HIVE-M9 wants to put together minds, projects, and experiences dedicated to innovation.

HIVE-M9 will mainly focus on 5 areas of activity: grant office, incubation, acceleration, open innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Grant Office

Scouting of tenders and public and private fundings that may represent an opportunity for the entire community.


Supporting the development path towards the market of early stage projects, offering infrastructure, resources, and competences.


Consulting, tutoring, networking, and funding opportunities to strengthen entrepreneurial projects.

Open Innovation

Analysis of local businesses’ needs and search for entrepreneurship ideas than can meet them.


Promoting youth entrepreneurship and helping those interested in launching a new startup.
The sectors concerning each area are Life Sciences, greentech and bluetech – with a strong environmental impact – and culture.

Life Sciences

The sciences concerning the study of living organisms, including biology, botany, biochemistry, etc.


Clean technology dedicated to ecology, spanning from emissions reduction to sustainable exploitation of resources, etc.


Technological field of the marine industry that drives sustainable innovation in the emerging markets of the Blue Economy.


Heritage, knowledge, values, rules, traditions, habits, beliefs, and arts of the territory.