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Boost Open Innovation

We believe that involving the industry from the very initial phases of selecting a startup and shaping its development path is crucial to guide the course of innovation, optimising the resources.

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Open Innovation means that companies have to become active players in the research and selection of innovative projects to strenghten their development pipelines. This entails large economic investments to sustain an active presence at a local level.


Within the Business Nursery our industrial partners benefit from a preferential first-view on selected startups and projects in their areas of interest. This allows the optimization of their selection processes, cutting costs.

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The subject of entrepreurial risk and its management is ever more present in each company's investment and acquisistion strategy.


For each specific startup, our ecosystem fosters a pragmatic and result-driven interaction between all key players in the innovation value chain. This lowers the risk for the startup and, consequently, for the whole chain.

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The creation of an effective dialogue between startups and companies is crucial in the Open Innovation sector.


We speak both the scientific and business languages. This allows us to prepare startups to interact effectively with industrial players from the very beginning of their journey.