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Support the innovation ecosystem

We believe that a pragmatic collaboration with investors and industry-specific investment funds from the early stages of startup development leads to broader pipelines, while improving the quality of investment opportunities.

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The topic of risk management is a crucial one in startup investments and exit strategies.


By working alongside the main investment vectors, we help build sustainable development paths for innovative ventures widening their development horizon and shortening the time-to-market.

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Identifying fruitful investment opportunities is a demanding but crucial activity for the proper deployment of risk capital.


By working directly with investors, we reduce their scouting efforts, providing them with preferential access to already structured initiatives in their areas of interests.

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Approach to venture capital

The creation of an effective dialogue between startups, funds and investors is critical in the Life Sciences sector.


In our Business Nursery we promote entrepreneurship and business mindset, in order to shape an entrepreneurs generation ready to the dialogue with investors.