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It all starts from an idea

Turning an idea into a succesful venture requires a number of different resources and skill sets.
Our Business Nursery™ supports researchers and young entrepreneurs in the early development stages of their startups with customized programs.



All received project applications pass through a preliminary analysis. If  promising, a dedicated feedback is sent to the applicant marking the beginning of the next in depth evaluation phase.

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Each project is carefully evaluated under different aspects: intellectual property, market opportunities, development plan and team composition. A positive evaluation grants access to the boost phase.

2/3 months



Selected startups access fully customized support programs: our professionals pinpoint and provide all skills, resources and synergies with our network conducive to each startup's development.

6/10 months



The startups have the opportunity to continue their customized incubations program within our ecosystem, accessing structures, services and our financial and industrial partners.

24/72 months

Added value

A scientific and business environment where research, industry and market meet.

Faster development

Having in one place all the competencies and resources your project needs to succeed speeds up its development shortening time-to-market.


Working in an ecosystem that fosters interactions with potential industrial targets and other synergical players contributes to strengthening your project lowering risk.

Access to funds

We invest up to 200k € on selected projects. <br>Furthermore, by accessing our investors and industrial network, you will be in the best possible position to raise new funds.