Our commitment to tackle Coronavirus

STOP COVID-19 is a Bio4Dreams project to share relevant updates on all ongoing and future actions, undertaken directly and through its network, made to help our "Country" and the international medical community in the research and development of effective solutions to counteract COVID-19 pandemic.

Direct actions


New therapies

In development a repurposing project of a drug potentially able to interfere with COVID-19 cell penetration mechanism.

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Projects and grants

Several ongoing applications to national, European and international calls and grants to contribute the fight against COVID-19.


Donations and contributions

Thanks to the ongoing relations with Bio4Dreams, the chinese industrial park SINEPARK will donate a stock of I.P.D. against Coronavirus to several general practitioners associations in Lombardy.
The donation will include:

  • 10,000 three layers surgical masks
  • 1,000 disposable gowns
  • 600 N95 masks
  • 6 contactless thermometers
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Network's actions


Telemonitoring and machine learning

By collaborating with many international health institutions RNBGATE is active in home telemonitoring of COVID-19 patients. The startup developed a machine learning software trained on databases of known patients aimed at performing observational analysis to estimate the number of patients in need of hospitalization.

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Distance physiotherapy

Euleria developed t-kura.it platform for the remote assistance in physiotherapy and rehabilitation path. The solution, composed by an hardware movement sensor and a mobile application, allows to the physioterapist to manage remotely his patients, helping them to properly perform the indicated exercises.

Euleria received a grant from FondazioneVRT to develop Kari4COVID-19. This project is focused on the development of a portable device to allow remote rehabilitation activities and to manage stress and anxiety in fragile patients.

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Supporting Red Cross volunteers

RnB4Culture developed the software CRImove to improve the management of Red Cross volunteers’ services such as purchasing and delivering necessities and drugs to applicants. Designed with a main control panel coupled with an app given to volunteers, the software allows the Red Cross supervisors to manage requests and resources allocation, optimizing logistics.

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